Environmental Waste Services


At Garland Environmental Waste Services, quality means customer service, operational efficiency and a clear purpose to serve residents and companies with the utmost in care. We're sincere when we say our commitment is to give you service on unbelievable levels.

Unbelievable service means that we're quick to respond, dependable and keep costs at a minimum. Our services range from collecting and disposing of trash to offering commercial containers and customized, large-volume compactors. We're also community focused, giving your neighbors, colleagues and kids insights into environmental issues, recycling and more.

Since our formation over 50 years ago, we've galvanized our organization into a quality-driven team intent on becoming the best waste services group in the nation. In fact, we believe there's no other waste management firm in North Texas - public, private or city operated - that has garnered more recognition for performance excellence than we have. For example, we were the first recipient of the Garland Excellence Award. This award honors organizations for quality management and customer satisfaction. And today, we're continuing our quest to be the best in the nation.

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TCEQ Submittals requiring public notice for City of Garland Environmental Waste Services Facilities:

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